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Season 2017

Season 2017

The best of the best ->> *** TOP 3 OF 2017 *** – Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server @ GO-CS.ORG

Pos./NickPointsKillsDeathsK:D RatioHeadshotsHS:K Ratio
1.kGR [A] 322,142218,786120,479 1.82 192,224 0.88
2.lollipøp21k ツ 235,651182,901 97,296 1.88 119,7890.65
3.XANTARES;233,935141,66167,0342.11107,7620.76 – AIM DeathMatch @ GO-CS.ORG

Pos./NickPointsKillsDeathsK:D RatioHeadshotsHS:K Ratio
1.7ommy 242,626135,13259,8212.26102,7430.76
2.strolchy 96,49962,62732,2451.9445,7640.73
3.HENLY ❤ M65,198104,85177,7871.3568,1230.65

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DM FFA – AWP Limited


DM FFA Community

Today we decided to set AWP Limit on our

DM FFA Server :

We hope you like this new change.


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Server Rules

Here some simple rules on our servers :

1. Don’t rage on chat about other player ( game-style, religion, origin, etc. )
– You might get permanent banned on our server
2. Using any kind of cheats will effect with permanent ban.
3. Using abusive nicks or fake nicks might also effect you get banned.

With the time it is possible that we add more rules here.
Remember if you get banned it almost always permanent.
So you will by never again able to play on our servers.
So please think twice before u break one of our rules !

Ban on 1 server will effect with ban on all other servers.

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Season 2016 Completed

Hallo users
First : We wish you all happy new year 2017 !!

Secondly : Season 2016 is Completed – The winner is XANTARES;♥M ( more information – soon )

Thirdly : We started today new Season 2017 !

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New Server

Dear users,
Thank your support
We have the opportunity now to change our server,

Because since the last CS:GO update we have had massive problems to keep stable server FPS ( Tickrate – 128 )
( Our servers were overloaded and could not guarantee lags free game and stable tickrate )
We apologize us for that and as „Premium Server Provider“

We chose us to invest in purchasing of new server,
( Twice as strong as the last one )
And now we can tell you proud the fact that we are again able to offer you
Stable 128 Tickrate lags free Servers.


Admin Crew

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1. DM FFA -> Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server 
2. AIM DM -> AIM DeathMatch

Visit also -> Player Rankings

You can also Join our community on :

Steam -> Join GO-CS.ORG Steam Group

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We are back

Hi everyone
Welcome back,
after our HDD defect we lose all our backup files,
so we had to rebuild our servers and our community page ( we still on it )
but at last we are again online with our page,
so we can post again news etc.

Old user accounts are not there so you have to make new one.

Welcome back

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