“ GG “ Day is Coming ! ;-(

Hallo Dear Community !
I want to inform you all guys that we decided to close all of our servers on :
01.01.2018 ( ~ 00:00-12:00 )

I know that many of you will miss our servers
We tried always to make best performance server for our players
so you could have pleasure playing and training on servers with more then 10 Users without any kind of lags.

To keep this performance on high level cost much $$ and slots reservation income
was like 50/60 % of this cost so we was putting private money every month to keep the server running with good performances,
We added Donation button on our page but till now we got like 0 Donations 😀
and since I ( Head Admin ) I’m not anymore active player of CS:GO
over 2 years and i guess i will never be again,
I see no point to put my time to keep server up to date to add/remove slots etc and add own money to keep server on good level into game i will never play again ( and community )

Thank you guys for using our servers

Big thanks to many Pro players for positive feedback about server performance and good opinion about skill on our servers and playing on it making it even more skilled and for buying slots and supporting us.

Big thanks also to normal users for buying slots on our server and supporting us.
Also thanks to all others normal players

You was pushing me always to keep server online

Big thanks to all of you.

And remember Play hard go pro guys 🙂
Wish you anyway a lot of fun with this game.

Head Admin

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