New Server

Dear users,
Thank your support
We have the opportunity now to change our server,

Because since the last CS:GO update we have had massive problems to keep stable server FPS ( Tickrate – 128 )
( Our servers were overloaded and could not guarantee lags free game and stable tickrate )
We apologize us for that and as „Premium Server Provider“

We chose us to invest in purchasing of new server,
( Twice as strong as the last one )
And now we can tell you proud the fact that we are again able to offer you
Stable 128 Tickrate lags free Servers.


Admin Crew

One comment to New Server

  • Tsvetelin  says:

    It would be better if you do DM FFA Offical has no vote option, just map by map
    dust2,inferno,mirage,cache,overpass,cobble,train and repeat

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