No more cheap Slot-Reservation

Hello everyone

We had to rise our slot reservation pries up to keep our servers running
if you like our servers and like to support us feel free to buy it 🙂

To buy slot reservation visit :

Buy Slot Reservation

We added also option for 2 Months cause many asked for it ( with small Rabat )

Only if we have enough money we can keep our servers running with good quality !
Of course you can Donate us anytime without buying slot reservation :
Visit :
Donate GO-CS.ORG Servers

Best Regards
Head Admin

One comment to No more cheap Slot-Reservation

  • Dobre Adrian  says:

    Hello , please help me with a problem , i paid for 2 months slot but i don t know how to give you the steam id , your email said don t work .

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