CS GO DeathMatch Servers

CS:GO update 17.09.2016

CS:GO update has shipped and includes the previous hitbox fixes from the Beta updates as well as new fixes to bugs related to Molotovs and smokes. The AWP and other scoped rifles have also received a new sound touch-up.

Tonight has seen the release of a new CS:GO update, version, and first and foremost the update takes live a number of fixes to hitboxes, crouch spamming, and player models.

All four scoped rifles have received a sound overhaul, and most famously the AWP now features a new in-game sound.

The full changelog for CS:GO version is:


  • The first-person camera of players, spectators, and demo-viewers is no longer allowed to rise higher than their third-person head...
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de_cbble on DM FFA

Hi guys
Few days ago we added new map on our DM FFA Server.
– de_cbble DM FFA 

We wish you nice frags and fun on the new map

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Dust2 – Happy Hours

Hi guys !

Since few weeks we have „dust 2 happy hours“ from 4 AM to 8 AM only d2
on our DM FFA server : Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server 

We hope you enjoy this change,

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Disable blood in CS:GO

Disable blood in CS:GO

Simple bind command, very useful on our  CS GO AIM SERVER IP :

Copy and paste this into your console

bind mouse1 „+attack; r_cleardecals“

to remove changes  copy and paste this into your console

unbind mouse1
bind mouse1 „+attack“

Optional : It works even more effectively if you add -lv  to your launch options.


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Hurtworld Server Commands

Useful Server & Admin & Root Commands for Hurtworld server.

+ How to setup ( install ) Hurtworld server.

Hosting Server Commands

Command Arguments Description Example
host <port> Hosts a game on the default map, and specified port. Loads the autosave if there is one. host 12871
host <port> <map> Hosts a game on the specified map, and specified port. Loads the autosave if there is one. host 12871 Desert
host <port> <map> <save> Hosts a game on the specified map, and specified port. Loads the specified savegame (relative to the .exe and without an extension) host 12871 Desert mysave
maxplayers <num> Specify the maximum number of players maxplayers 30
servername <name> Set the name of the server, as visible in the server browser. servername My Server
changelevel <levelName>
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Hurtworld Server Items ID’s List

Hurtworld Server Items List

Here all Hurtworld Items ID’s

Command to spawn items via admin server ( console command ) : 
g item_id amount 
eG. g 4 10 ( gives you 10 Steaks )

Don't forget to visit our hurtworld game server : 
[game-servers server_id="1"]

Items ID's
2 : Machines/Storage Locker
3 : Machines/Workbench
4 : Items/Raw Steak
5 : Items/Cooked Steak
6 : Items/Rancid Steak
7 : Items/Bolt Action Rifle
12 : Items/Ruby
17 : Items/Flint
18 : Items/Iron Ore
19 : Items/Stone
20 : Items/Coal
21 : Items/Wood Log
22 : Items/Wood Plank
23 : Items/Animal Fat
25 : Items/Owrong
26 : Items/Owrong Seeds
27 : Items/Tree Bark
28 : Items/Clay
30 : Items/Iron Pickaxe
31 : Machines/Fire Pit
34 : Items/Animal Tendon
35 : Items/Weak String
36 : Item...
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New Server

Dear users,
Thank your support
We have the opportunity now to change our server,

Because since the last CS:GO update we have had massive problems to keep stable server FPS ( Tickrate – 128 )
( Our servers were overloaded and could not guarantee lags free game and stable tickrate )
We apologize us for that and as „Premium Server Provider“

We chose us to invest in purchasing of new server,
( Twice as strong as the last one )
And now we can tell you proud the fact that we are again able to offer you
Stable 128 Tickrate lags free Servers.


Admin Crew

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Connecting using alias Command CS:GO

We know that Connecting on our server via game console ( with slot reservation )
is not realy the perfect thing but now we have something you can like,
it also make connecting via console much better and enjoyable for you,

Now you don’t have to type the whole sentence again :
connect go-cs.org:27045

Now you can just only open game console
and type :

after you push Enter
you will get automatic connected on our server, Great or ?

How to do this

We will present it in a few points :

1. You have to find config.cfg ( of CS:GO ) ( Make sure your game CS:GO is OFF )

default file path :

X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\config.cfg

 1a. Uncheck to read only

config alias

2. Open this file „config.cfg“ and at the bottom of the file, add this line :

alias dm „co...

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how to connect on the server using game console ( CS:GO )

Here we describe how you can connect on the server using
Game Console / Slot Reservation system.

1. Set up game console for CS:GO

See here, how to set up game console

2. Connect on the server using game console

in „game console“ type :
connect go-cs.org:27045




and then just enter.


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New CS:GO update released 2015-03-06

Valve has released a spectator-oriented update for CS:GO ahead of ESL One Katowice.

Following last night’s update, which focused heavily on improving the user interface of the game, it is now possible to see on the map overview the approximate time it will take to travel between two areas by using the shift key while drawing, which will certainly come in handy for casters and spectators alike.

The lines drawn on the overview map have been smoothed, and it is now possible to use two different colors using the left and right mouse buttons.

Other changes include improvements to server logging and some fixes related to ingame round stats.

Below you can find the update log in full:


  • Added round result history visuals to the scoreboard for Competitive games.
  • Spectators/casters can now use S...
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