Server Rules

Here some simple rules on our servers :

1. Don’t rage on chat about other player ( game-style, religion, origin, etc. )
– You might get permanent banned on our server
2. Using any kind of cheats will effect with permanent ban.
3. Using abusive nicks or fake nicks might also effect you get banned.

With the time it is possible that we add more rules here.
Remember if you get banned it almost always permanent.
So you will by never again able to play on our servers.
So please think twice before u break one of our rules !

Ban on 1 server will effect with ban on all other servers.

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5 comments to Server Rules

  • Osprey  says:

    Just wanted to know why i got banned . Greets

  • brushu  says:

    cause of shit talk on all chat, you are not welcome on our servers.

  • MetraFM  says:

    I got banned in your server for multiple times suicide?, i just want change the team, that’s all

  • Daheckwith  says:

    This guy
    is using some kind of aimbot on your servers. There was no way for us to kick him and I get that, you don’t want ppl abusing the kick-command. But can you guys at least ban him, ty.

    • brushu  says:


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